* Zandvoort FIA F3 European Championship
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Ready to take on @mikasocki 💪⛳️ #tigerwho ~45 Likes!
RT @JMartin_P1: Big gym session with @TeamMSR, now time for a salad👿
Austria in 3... 🇦🇹 #letsdothis #TeamMSR #nevergiveup ~69 Likes!
Nothing like some good old Polish dumplings 🇵🇱 #krakow @mikasocki ~97 Likes!
Cycling around 🇵🇱 for a couple days #krakow ~85 Likes!
RT @didi_aces: No words can describe the sadness of Jules loss today. Such a nice person and a great talent. My condolences to his family.
RT @F1: Our thoughts are with Jules Bianchi's family and friends #RIPJules #JB17 http://t.co/4Zot1XkxEF
RIP Jules... #JB17
RIP Jules... #JB17 ~59 Likes!
Definitely needed a haircut... http://t.co/6skJ6QG0U1
Decided that a haircut was long overdue... 💇🏻Courtesy of @francovallelonga #onlythebest ~86 Likes!
Doesn't get better than a day at Bruntingthorpe... http://t.co/SbIXHlwxup
Casually chillin in an airplane engine...✈️ #Bruntingthorpe ~94 Likes!
More Forward Progress in Tough weekend at Zandvoort
Got myself a new gym partner... 💪🐷 @petesollylegit ~68 Likes!
We won't stop till we get there 💪 @petesollylegit #nevergiveup ~74 Likes!
All in all a decent weekend in terms of progress made. Heading back in the right direction... Bring on Austria! http://t.co/Hx1I5kbvQq
Zandvoort FIA F3 European Championship
RT @fiaf3europe: Live timing for all #FIAF3 sessions in Zandvoort this weekend can be found here: http://t.co/GA5jnSlCol
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@raynertrainer thanks mate!! Will have to pop over your way for a bootcamp ;)
RT @SidewaysDriving: Train where @TeamMSR & @carlovandam do - @SidewaysDriving Stop waiting - come in today #HK! http://t.co/l2wn1PKYKl htt…
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Watch Zandvoort Live. Click the Photo or Link Below. GMT -2
Joy and frustration in Italy for Solomon

Monza FIA F3 2015 Q1 and Q2 Photos thanks to www.Motorsportbild.de
Monza FIA F3 2015