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* More experience from Europe’s toughest track - Spa
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@raynertrainer thanks mate!! Will have to pop over your way for a bootcamp ;)
Always want what you don't have... @mercedesbenz #AMG #GT #pleasesanta ~63 Likes!
RT @SidewaysDriving: Train where @TeamMSR & @carlovandam do - @SidewaysDriving Stop waiting - come in today #HK! http://t.co/l2wn1PKYKl htt…
What do you think of our Dinosaur impressions? #JurassicWorld ~46 Likes!
Norisring throws up the greatest challenge yet
That wasn't the way we wanted to end the weekend. Heading home... Got over a week before the next one. 🇳🇱 Time to hit reset and come back stronger #nevergiveup ~75 Likes!
Game face on! Final race of the weekend 👌 #letsdothis ~74 Likes!
@TSportFIAF3 No Penalty. Should not cut back in
Races 1 and 2 today... #letsdothis ~62 Likes!
Could've: could've been further up the grid... 🙈Would've: would've done it if I wasn't held up by a red car 🚗 Should've: should've smashed it 💪 AH WELL! #tomorrowisanewday ~50 Likes!
Prep done, tomorrow we drive 😈 #Norisring ~62 Likes!
🇩🇪🇩🇪 This weekend... #Norisring #gonnabecarnage ~70 Likes!
Highlights SPA-Francochamps
Watch Zandvoort Live. Click the Photo or Link Below. GMT -2
RT @fia: Formula 3 European Championship: Check out the #F3 Race of Norisring preview! Full preview on: http://t.co/I0wXYAsP6L http://t.co/…
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More experience from Europe’s toughest track - Spa
@AnthonyHieatt: Please ignore my last tweet . Muppets in full party mode at Race 2 spa .” Tweet of the year so far for sure...
RT @AnthonyHieatt: A much better F3 race today , The Muppets mostly behaved today . Still the odd one on the loose though . http://t.co/AaX…
So... Weekend over. Electronic issue at the start, so lost a couple laps as we changed batteries. Mega pace when we finally got back out, but not quite enough to make up 2 laps 😤 On to the next one! #wintogetherlosetogether ~51 Likes!
Got a puncture after one of the Fortec drivers turned in on me going down the back straight... Had to retire the car in Race 1. Pace is good, so let's fight back in Race 2. #somepeopledontknowhowtorace #orhowlongtheircaris #idiots ~66 Likes!
Tough day with not much time to learn the circuit. Races 1 and 2 tomorrow... Got some overtaking to do! #RagOn http://t.co/otyDg3AAuk
RT @DoubleRRacingGB: @TeamMSR is ready for action at #Spa #FIAF3 whatever the weather ☀️☔️ #letsgoracing @BellRacingEU http://t.co/BFu7ClyB…
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RT @PorscheRaces: Congratulation to the Le Mans winners 2015: @earlbamber @NickTandyR and @NicoHulkenberg #LeMans #LM24 #PorscheLeMans http…
Joy and frustration in Italy for Solomon

Monza FIA F3 2015 Q1 and Q2 Photos thanks to www.Motorsportbild.de
Monza FIA F3 2015
Touched up-14
Pau FIA F3 Grand Prix
Matt Solomon (HKG) Double R Racing Dallara F312 – Mercedes-Benz, FIA F3 European Championship, Round 2, Hockenheim, 30.April - 3. May 2015
FIA F3 Hockenheim 2015