* Top Five finish for Solomon in Audi R8 LMS Cup at Fuji
* Solomon claims not one, but two FMCS victories at Inje
* Fast Track to Success
Passed my drivers test... 😎#hkdriversbeware ~79 Likes!
🌞 Was a nice morning for it! 🚴🚴🚴 @elizagil ~68 Likes!
On the podium
FMCS Zhuhai 2014 Video
getting some college insight from these two! #wolfpack ~42 Likes!
Launching the 2014 Matt Solomon Limited Edition Timepiece tonight by @thechinesetimekeeper!! #excited #blessed ~75 Likes!
House has become a studio for the day... 😎 ~58 Likes!
They all said they could beat me... psh! #eurasia #engineersknowbest #lol #crashfest #mattwasnottoobad @sidewaysdrivingclub ~58 Likes!
FMCS Zhuhai 2014 -Press Release
Behind the scenes... #whatcoulditbe #sneakpeek ~65 Likes!
This is how the weekend turned out!! #awesome #2k14 #ouryear #hulksmash #theeliminator || Photo by Ming Ko ~86 Likes!
RT @PaddockScout: Solomon (@TeamMSR) triumphs in FMCS race three at Zhuhai: http://t.co/f0CylWScJy
Solomon triumphs in FMCS race three at Zhuhai http://t.co/hWAt1mJ5yB
Matt pushing Wells to the limit
FMCS Zhuhai September 2014 Race 4
Nice piece of kit
FMCS Zhuhai September 2014 Race 2
BOOM! The Hulk is back on top... #winnerwinnerchickendinner #2k14 #ouryear #hulksmash || Photo by @petesolly ~73 Likes!
A strong win
FMCS Zhuhai September 2014 Race 3
Got hit out of the race by another driver (😠) but we will NEVER GIVE UP (😄) and will keep fighting till the very end!!! #2k14 #stillours #hulksmash #letsdothis ~74 Likes!
Matt having a few jokes before race 1
FMCS Zhuhai September 2014
Well done buddy! Well deserved with all the effort you've put into it! See you soon! (@LucasdiGrassi) - The Solomons http://t.co/AAILbVN19j
RT @Ukyooooooooooo: #TBT Don't remember what we did but it was nice time with boys! @teammsr philipmorin http://t.co/y7uyADGl1d
MISS THIS! “@Ukyooooooooooo: #TBT Don't remember what we did but it was nice time with boys! @teammsr philipmorin http://t.co/1iCXPmVgoj”
RT @SidewaysDriving: Well done! RT @pangaeacreative: Congratulations Matt and @absolute_racing 12 hours at Sepang @TeamMSR @AudiR8LMSCup ht…
RT @AutoMomentum: @TeamMSR Good luck for your next race:) If you need something contact us:) #gloves #shoes #helmet #suits #alpinestars #lu
Hmmm... interesting! “@newscientist: At racing speeds, electric cars are far from silent http://t.co/nxcxmIf8BY http://t.co/rFH9sGvGCq”
Solomon records podium finish on debut in grueling Sepang 12-Hour
RT @pangaeacreative: Congratulations to Matt and @Absolute_Racing on a sensational podium at the 12 hours of Sepang @TeamMSR @AudiR8LMSCup
Sepang 12 Hour Merdeka 2104
I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/CiiHRdyDuj FORMULA MASTERS CHINA SERIES 2014, 4rd Round Sepang, Malaysia, 16.-17. August 2014
Sepang 12 Hour (Malaysia Merdeka Endurance Race 2014)
Thanks to the team again
FMCS Race Highlights Sepang Round 4