* Top Five finish for Solomon in Audi R8 LMS Cup at Fuji
* Solomon claims not one, but two FMCS victories at Inje
* Fast Track to Success
RT @pangaeacreative: Congratulations to Matt and @Absolute_Racing on a sensational podium at the 12 hours of Sepang @TeamMSR @AudiR8LMSCup …
Sepang 12 Hour Merdeka 2104
I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/CiiHRdyDuj FORMULA MASTERS CHINA SERIES 2014, 4rd Round Sepang, Malaysia, 16.-17. August 2014
RT @BaronVonClutch: Well done @teammsr - P3 overall for @Audi__Sport at the #Sepang 12 Hours: http://t.co/6dFHKmVuom
Sepang 12 Hour (Malaysia Merdeka Endurance Race 2014)
Thanks to the team again
FMCS Race Highlights Sepang Round 4
Head to - https://t.co/mba2RNXCV8 - and check out some awesome shots from the weekend taken by Dad! http://t.co/Lya2PvLyEa
To see all the shots from Merdeka, visit https://t.co/mba2RNXCV8 http://t.co/8AOr4upfLx
3rd after 12 hours... #boom #firstenduro #perfectpitstops #ateam ~78 Likes!
RT @BaronVonClutch: .@RichlandF1 #RisingStar @TeamMSR getting his 1st taste of endurance racing w/ @Audi__Sport at #Sepang: http://t.co/5CY…
45 minutes to go... we're third... on the same lap as the Aston.. and it's raining. Gonna be exciting! PUSH ALEX PUSH http://t.co/I0Ki5bBf8w
RT @rush_group: @TeamMSR Matt Solomon still going strong in Sepang 12 hour @rush_group logo looks good on a race car! http://t.co/ill8hasDmh
[Hour 7] @TeamMSR, @HenriMoser and @aleximperatori currently running 4th... 5 to go, push push push! http://t.co/5w8nXseMJQ
Just keep going, just keep going... 6.75 hours down, 5.25 to go! ~55 Likes!
Matts jumped in for the 2nd stint of the 24 hour race after the 1st safety car time http://t.co/6ncMwZgOiV
Qualified 5th today, please be good to us tomorrow 😎 #12hours #anythingcanhappen #averagepacewinsraces ~62 Likes!
Making our booster seat for the 12 hour race... look at that focus from @aleximperatori ~48 Likes!
Merdeka 12 Hour Race Practise
Our cosy/comfy/slightly smelly office for the next few days... @aleximperatori @h_moser #sepang12hour ~59 Likes!
Palm trees add to the beauty of Sepang
Interview with Matthew Solomon the Youngest Driver on the MME Grid
Good short day today 😎 our machine is getting some much needed R&R before tomorrow! ~64 Likes!
[Video] Shakedown this morning with @aleximperatori!! More this afternoon! #speedy ~72 Likes!
Starting to feel like I'm living in the skies... but can't really complain with this nice little upgrade 😎 #lucky #notquitemillionmiler #nearly ~63 Likes!
"Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed." - Paul Coelho ~96 Likes!
Solomon closes in on FMCS points lead after victory in Sepang
A smile before battle
Audi R8 LMS Cup Sepang Race 2
Audi R8 LMS Cup Race 1
Through the tricky turn 4
FMCS 2014 Sepang Race 3
RACE 2 with Matt into turn 1 with Munroe going wide
FMCS 2014 Sepang Race 2