* Solomon claims not one, but two FMCS victories at Inje
* Matt Solomon Signs with Eurasia for 2014
It's exactly a year ago today that @PREMAPowerteam helped celebrate my Mum's birthday with me! Happy birthday mum! :) http://t.co/rT6oNWHzy2
Happy birthday to the best mum ever... love you!! #hbd ~64 Likes!
Night out in Tokyo with @aidanwright10 @babygwhaddup @petesolly and co. #local #foodporn #tokyonights #karaokenext ~57 Likes!
Mt. Fuji selfie! ~75 Likes!
RT @cute_satsuki: お仕事終わり!沢山写真撮られた!そして香港出身のレーサーの方と写真撮ったんだけど、ドタイプすぎて腰に手回されただけでテンション上がったわwwwwドタイプあざお。今静岡から帰ります http://t.co/mTpfvsKcI4
Nice little 5th place finish to end the weekend!! #audihk @audir8lmscup @audi #hammertime ~57 Likes!
The field on lap 1
Audi R8 LMS Cup Fuji Japan Race 2
RT @Audi_MS_Blog: .@AudiR8LMSCup debuts in Japan http://t.co/iqv2kHEj5o @alexyoong @dchengracing @TeamMSR @AudiJapan @Audi_R8_LMS http://t.…
Mandatory Babes in Japan
Audi R8 LMS Cup Fuji Japan Race 1
Tough day today so it's #hammertime tomorrow!! #audihk #ahk #88 ~50 Likes!
Lid on and ready to roll
Audi R8 LMS Cup Fuji Japan Qualifying
Fuji in the Mist
Audi R8 LMS Cup Fuji Japan Practise
What time is it? @audir8lmscup time! It all kicks off at 9am tomorrow... Fuji here we go! #audihk #maximumattack ~60 Likes!
Greetings from Japan || Awesome dinner to get the week started... @audir8lmscup Round 2 let's go!! ~56 Likes!
Arrived in Japan and ready for Round 2 of the @AudiR8LMSCup
Had some great meetings in Shanghai, but it doesn't beat late night bowling with @ranman96 and @doctorjohnstone... and definitely doesn't beat this shot!!! #firsttry #legend ~48 Likes!
RT @SidewaysDriving: #FormulaOne #racer #MattSolomon is testing his #racing skills! Test yours at @SidewaysDriving! @TeamMSR http://t.co/AP…
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Solomon claims not one, but two FMCS victories at Inje
RT @FerLuGon: @TeamMSR won the 7th race F-Master China. (Inje - South Cora (Yanggu) - July 20, 2014). http://t.co/jPefOxBoBs
2 wins... let the champagne showers begin!!!! http://t.co/nz1CShxsiL
RT @PaddockScout: Matt Solomon (@TeamMSR) takes second straight win in attritional FMCS race http://t.co/iQFo4moCBd
Back to back wins, 2nd in the championship... can't really complain about that! #hulksmash #2k14 #ouryear ~81 Likes!
Says it all!
FMCS Inje 2014 Race 3
RT @PaddockScout: Matt Solomon (@TeamMSR) halts Munro's run with maiden FMCS victory http://t.co/QInl85EkSp
1st race win in cars
FMCS Inje 2014 Race 2
Team Photo
FMCS Inje 2014 Race 1
Leaving Pit Lane
FMCS Inje 2014 Qualifying
Hero Walk
Audi Magazine July 2014