* Promising signs despite a tough international debut for Solomon
* FIA F3 Official Test - Valencia February 2015
* Hong Kong's Solomon graduates into FIA F3 with Double R Racing
* Solomon buoyant after maiden Euro F3 test
* Matt Solomon Features on Fox Sports Snapshots
Got a replacement for the weekend 👌 #MIKA #notHakkinen #polepositionforsure #finallygettohaveabreak ~70 Likes!
Action starts tomorrow... #cantwait #letsdothis #MS19 ~78 Likes!
Live Fast or Dienastie || @dienastie #dienastieHK #LakeComo 😎🚣 ~61 Likes!
Things always look cooler in Black and White... @boyinblackhk #milano ~59 Likes!
En route to 🇮🇹 #pastatime ~79 Likes!
Ready for Monza... 🇮🇹🍝☕️🍕🍨 ~106 Likes!
Better end to the @GPPau2015, going from 20th to 13th!! Loved this place... Can't wait to be back! #MS19 http://t.co/YBrQpQ975N
P13 from 20!! Thanks to all the boys at @doublerracing for an awesome car. We're getting there! #nevergiveup #keepgrinding #MS19 ~66 Likes!
Spot the racecar... #PauGP ~70 Likes!
Touched up-14
Pau FIA F3 Grand Prix
RT @fiaf3europe: Drivers' briefing @GPPau2015 #FIAF3 http://t.co/SzNZFgHmVZ
RT @StephCasajusGil: @teammsr @DoubleRRacingGB @GPPau2015 @fiaf3europe http://t.co/JBzSJiEg52
ROUND 3 🇫🇷 💪 #eyesforward #letsdothis #MS19 ~84 Likes!
Bonjour from @GPPau2015!! http://t.co/kle05E4sGx
Sitting on the plane ready to head to Pau for Round 3 of the FIA F3 championship. Time to turn things around!!! #ms19 http://t.co/OuLFskZLq9
Nice little outdoor circuit training sesh before heading to Pau! http://t.co/heYlBi304m
Best of luck to flatmate Tarun Reddy and @DoubleRRacing!! #fullpush #MSAFormula http://t.co/rMmWAykyEa
Watching the @DunlopBTCC and @F1 race at home. What's better than this! #loveit http://t.co/WJXltxskIG
WHEEY! GO ON CATS! #WinnerWinnerChickenDinner http://t.co/pFqwMv0PyZ
Watching the footy AND F1 practice... Life doesn't get much better than this! http://t.co/Utsz8RvFt9
Matt Solomon (HKG) Double R Racing Dallara F312 – Mercedes-Benz, FIA F3 European Championship, Round 2, Hockenheim, 30.April - 3. May 2015
FIA F3 Hockenheim 2015
Race 3 1
Mother nature throws everything at Solomon in Germany
Hockenheim Race Live
Race 3 8
Silverstone FIA F3 2015
Race 3 0
Promising signs despite a tough international debut for Solomon
Silverstone Qualifying-28
Silverstone FIA F3 Qualifying
Silverstone Test April 2105
Valencia Test 2015
FIA F3 Official Test - Valencia February 2015